Accessibility statement

At Purple Beard, we are committed to providing an equitable experience to everyone on all platforms. As a result, we have agreed to carry out operations to a minimum of AA compliance, according to the latest official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

As a business powered by people, we understand that mistakes may be made at times, and we welcome feedback which is frequently reviewed by an experienced member of our team. Through this, we will continue to enhance your experience and improve on our pledge towards equity and accessibility.

Our approach

Accessibility testing: we regularly conduct thorough accessibility testing to identify and address any potential barriers.

User feedback: we welcome feedback from our users regarding the accessibility of our programmes, websites, and resources. This feedback helps us in the continuous improvement of our product.

Training and awareness: our team receives training on accessibility best practices.

Contact us

Should you face accessibility challenges or wish to suggest improvements, please contact us at If you come across these issues on our website, we have built-in surveys which can be completed on the right-hand side of your browser or phone, and a dedicated member of our technical team will investigate.