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Our Story

Purple Beard is an award-winning EdTech company, and we have recently received an Ofsted 'good' rating as a training provider. We have trained over nine hundred individuals since our inception in January 2021, seventy percent of whom have either moved into a new role or increased their earning potential.

Our journey began with a vision, sparked by the realisation that traditional training methods were falling short in preparing individuals for the challenges of the modern world. It was time for a fresh approach, one that combined cutting-edge knowledge with a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

The name Purple Beard symbolises the unique blend of wisdom and creativity that defines our training programmes. Just as a purple beard would be rare and remarkable, so too is our commitment to delivering extraordinary education.

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Purpose, Mission and Vision

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Our motivations

Our purpose is and always will be to equip and empower every individual and organisation to make a real impact in the world of tech.

Our objectives

We aim to disrupt the tech sector with challenging, engaging and highly selective learning experiences that are developed and led by industry experts to create employable tech talent and bridge the diversity gap in the tech sector.

Our desires

We're here to be the primary destination for lifelong learning and skills development. We're expanding our programmes, reaching new audiences, and innovating in education. Purple Beard isn't just about training, it's about transformation, unlocking potential, and building a brighter future.

We live by our Values

We recognise the importance of creating an empowering environment that values lifelong learning and encourages individuals to pursue their goals and develop new skills at any stage of life.

What we offer

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