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it's the number of women in computer science and this number did not change since 2011
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that's how many women are IT specialists in the UK
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of working engineers are women

Our mission is to support up to 200 women into the tech space by 2021 by reskilling or upskilling.

Women are under-represented, underemployed and underpaid  in the tech sector. In addition to that, they also have to face sexism in the male-dominated industry. This causes lack of female role models that could serve as an inspiration to a younger generation, creating a broken loop where younger female workforce is hesitant to begin tech careers because of challenges that the older female workforce had to face. And so although the technology industry is booming, women are still missing out on their chances to join this entrepreneurial success.


Here are a few things you should know:


Female Tech positions are growing 238% faster than their male counterparts.


56% of Women in Tech leave their jobs at mid-level position, but 22% of these women then start their own business.


85% of Women in Tech say that they love their job. 


Between 2000 and 2015, there has been a 21% increase in the number of first-year undergraduate girls interesting in majoring in Computer Science. It might not be much, but it’s a significant start.


When asked to name a role model who has inspired them to pursue a career in technology, 83% of female respondents find it impossible to do so, against only 59% of males

“When you enter tech, you realize that there are more men than women. You can’t deny that. But, I don’t think you can make that an obstacle. You can’t get deterred as a female founder knowing that’s the landscape. You need to ignore the naysayers (of course there will be naysayers) and surround yourself with investors who believe in you, believe in your idea, believe in the market you’re going after, and believe in your ability to execute, most importantly.” 

Rachel TipographFounder and CEO of MikMak.TV

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How Purple Beard Supports Women

We have upskilled 28 women in tech for free with our Skills Bootcamps, teaching them Data Analysis, Software Testing and Software Development. You can see the full report here or find our case studies here.

We aim to upskill up to 200 women by 2021 through all our programs, including Apprenticeships in the tech sector. 


We have launched our Women in Tech initiative as a part of DEIB Project. Apart from that, we’ll be soon launching the Returners to Work program that will support Moms and Dads on their journey back to work, and Fighting Ageism Project.



Before you star researching jobs, you have to analyse the situation you’re currently in. Do you have necessary skills or perhaps you’ll need some additional training? Are you thinking about full-time job or perhaps side job, or even going freelancing? Do you have any other commitments? 


Since technology is constantly involving, jobs in the tech industry are changing as well. It’s been estimated that technology creates more job than it destroys and that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. Have a look at our blog on best tech jobs to take on in 2021 or scroll down the page to see some highlighted careers.


Although many tech jobs don’t require University anymore, having relevant skillset and additional certificates is a great way to improve your chances of landing a job. When looking for a job, check which skills and qualifications are required, and then upskill yourself with an online course or a bootcamp. 


Get inspired by other Women in Tech stories and find your role model. You can find our Women in Tech interviews below where we asked eight successful women how they got into the tech industry, what were their struggles and what are their tips for those who are trying to break into the tech sector. 

Meet our Women in Tech

Sushree Mohanty

Software Developer

Sushree Mohanty

Sushree Mohanty is a Software Development Trainer on our Skills Bootcamps. She is a UI developer with over 2 years of industrial experience and 11 years of coding experience (yes, she started coding when she was very young). Sushree teaches C++ and JavaScript. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Msc in Business.
Read the full interview

Kasia Kulma

Data Scientist

Kasia Kulma

Kasia Kulma is a Senior Data Scientist with a specialisation in R and PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She has industry experience in pharma, insurance, finance, aviation, food delivery, environmental services and in her spare time contributes to opensource around Rstats and climate.
Read the full interview

Didem un Ates

WomenTech100 Champion

Didem un Ates

Didem is a General Manager of Customer Success for Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Business in EMEA, a Non-Executive Director on the Board of ‘Creative Education Trust,’ which oversees 17 high-schools and 16,500 students in underprivileged regions in the UK, and also a member of Forbes Tech Council and TechWomen100 Champion.
Read the full interview

Nassia Skoulikariti

Digital Transformation Specialist

Nassia Skoulikariti

Nassia is the IoT & Telco Digital Transformation Specialist and CEO and Founder of Apiro Data. She helps companies commercialise their digital transformation to drive operational efficiencies, find new business opportunities, create new connected products and solve problems to increase revenue using IoT, AI and Cloud Communication Services.
Read the full interview

Madalina Daniela Mihailescu

Data Analyst

Madalina Daniela Mihailescu

Madalina is a Training Consultant at Purple Beard Training who delivers the Introduction to R course in the Data Analytics Bootcamp. In addition to this role, she is currently studying for a PhD in Data Science, with a focus on Bayesian statistics, at the University of Essex. Madalina also holds a BSc in Mathematics and Economics and a MSc in Mathematics and Finance.
Read the full interview

Karen Jean-Francois

Women in Data Podcast Producer

Karen Jean-Francois

This Thursday we’re talking with Karen Jean-Francois who is a Data Analyst and Women in Data Host and Producer. Karen is passionate about how data science and analytics can support businesses and help them better understand their customers and she enjoys exploring data and finding surprising insights that make a difference.
Read the full interview

Susanna Lawson

CEO & Founder

Susanna Lawson

Susanna is a CEO and Co-Founder of OneFile, which in 2017 was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation and Susanna was crowned Forward Ladies/HSBC Business Woman of the Year. Speaking at events promoting apprenticeships and the challenges facing SME’s, Susanna has grown Onefile from a start up of 2 people in the spare bedroom in Manchester to 85+ employees multi million pound company.
Read the full interview

Bhagya Reddy

Principal Data Engineer

Bhagya Reddy

Bhagya Reddy who is the Principal Data Engineer at QuantumBlack (McKinsey) and One of the Twenty in Women in Data for 2019. Bhagya has over 16 years of Information Technology experience in the field of data engineering, software design, planning, develop, maintain, test and evaluate big data solutions within organizations and works with the latest big data technologies.
Read the full interview

Women in Tech: Male Gaze

After speaking to eight wonderful women about their journey into the world of tech and listening to their inspiring stories, we will be finishing our Women in Tech Thursdays project with the Male Gaze edition.

Whilst this initiative was aimed to support women, we think it’s important to hear from both sides and find out what men think on that matter, especially since they’re such a huge part of the tech world. We strongly believe that in order to close the diversity gap in the tech sector, we must regularly listen to both men and women, identify how one side can support the other and address the challenges they’re both facing.

Andrew Jacobs

This Thursday we’re speaking to Andrew Jacobs who is the founder of Llarn Learning Services, Learning Strategist and producer of Women Talking About Learning Podcast. Click here to see what Andrew thinks about Women in Tech initiatives, how men can support women in the world of tech, why there’s allegedly more men than women in tech?

Akama Davies

This Thursday we’re speaking to Akama Davies who is the Director, Global Solutions and Innovation at Xaxis (GroupM) and DIMA 50 Male Advocates For Equality in Media and Marketing. See our video and find out what Akama thinks about Women in Tech initiatives, whether Women in Tech initiatives are discriminatory against men and how organisations can address the gender gap in leadership positions.


Applications Software Developer

Data scientists turn raw data into meaningful information that organisations can use to improve their businesses Organisations are increasingly using and collecting larger amounts of data during their everyday operations. From predicting what people will buy to tackling plastic pollution, your job is to use data to find patterns and help solve the problems faced by businesses in innovative and imaginative ways.

Software Tester

Software testers analyse software and systems to avert risk and prevent issues As a software tester, you'll be involved in the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment. You'll conduct automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is fit for purpose and any bugs or issues are removed within a product before it gets deployed to everyday users.

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer you'll create eye-catching visuals and will need to be creative, flexible and able to work well with others You'll work on a variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity, i.e. giving organisations a visual brand.

UX/UI Designer

User experience (UX) designers create accessible, aesthetically appealing and meaningful applications and websites that people are able to use easily. Starting salaries for graduate junior UX designers are typically between £19,000 and £25,000, depending on your experience and location.

Multimedia Programmer

You'll need a combination of creative and technical skills, and the ability to work as part of a team, in the role of multimedia programmer As a multimedia programmer, you'll work with different multimedia features such as text, sound, graphics, digital photography, 2D/3D modelling, animation and video, to create innovative products.

Cyber security analyst

Cyber security analysts help to protect an organisation by employing a range of technologies and processes to prevent, detect and manage cyber threats As a cyber security analyst, you will protect IT infrastructure (including networks, hardware and software) from a range of criminal activity. You will monitor networks and systems, detect security threats ('events'), analyse and assess alarms, and report on threats, intrusion attempts and false alarms.





DevOps roles


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