Account / Profile

  • Login to lms.simplilearn.com.
  • Click on ‘’My Courses’’ tab on the course list page to find all your courses.
  • Select the course you would like to begin with and start the learning
  • Happy Learning!
  • Login to your account
  • Hover your mouse to the top right corner of the screen to find Profile

No, simulation test can neither be taken offline nor after the course expiry. You will have three attempts to take each of the simulation tests before the course expires

  • Login to lms.simplilearn.com.
  • On the Syllabus page, click on Projects, and you will see the tab for lab access

Getting Started

  • Log in to your LMS portal
  • Click on the My Courses tab and you will be able to access the courses available to you


  • Purple Beard is a Simplilearn partner. Our courses are powered by Simplilearn so you will receive a certificate of completion via the course portal from them however we will also send you a second certificate from Purple Beard Ltd

  • Login to your account and select the course
  • You will find the criteria for the course under the Certificate tab
  • Once you meet all the required criteria, the certificate will get auto-unlocked in your account
  • Log in to your Simplilearn account
  • Hover the mouse to the top right corner and select the Profile tab
  • Select the Certificate option from the drop-down to view and download the certificate

Course Specific

  • Implementing the concepts on the tools/applications might be challenging. You will receive feedback to enable you to re-work on the project
  • You will get three chances to work on the project and qualify to receive the certificate.
  • Once you submit the project, it will be evaluated within 5 to 7 working days. The results will be displayed in the Projects tab.

  • Purple Beard uses Simplilearns solution and they cannot provide admin rights due to the security issue, as there are no time constraints so anyone can use it for personal use.
  • Since there are no restrictions, anyone can see other files uploaded.
  • The basic idea behind providing lab is to provide a real-time environment for practice
  • So, for IAM rights It is recommended to create a free tier account which will ask for credit/debit card details and a small, refundable amount may be deducted for card verification.
  • Here you need to set up your own environment, While setting up your environment you need to provide port numbers.

  • Yes. With our billing-spending-limit, customers who sign up for a free trial, Visual Studio, MPN or BizSpark offer can use Azure without any fear of getting charged as long as they keep the spending limit feature turned on.

  • Open your web browser and navigate to https://aws.amazon.com/free
  • Click on the Create a free account button
  • Create a new account, providing all required details
  • Once details provided, add payment details
  • After adding card details, need to add OTP
  • Add contact details once card verification is complete with a deduction of a small refundable amount
  • For verification of the contact number, AWS will call and will ask for the 4 digit code
  • Once verification is complete, a pop up will appear.
  • Select basic plan for free tier account
  • Once complete, your account will be active to use.
  • Go to https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/free/ and click the green Start free button
  • Open the console and copy the User-ID
  • Right click on browser and select paste from the browser
  • A window will pop-up asking for the user ID. Paste the user ID and click OK
  • Follow the same process for password and click OK

Note: Please make use of Ctrl+C to exit from the spark shell. As shown in the screenshot above that there are many ports you have used but never logged out properly so it is still assigned to you.

Ctrl+C will help these ports to be free for other users and will make your Learning Experience hassle-free.

  • Click the Download Python 3.6.2 button
  • The file named python-3.6.2.exe should start downloading into your standard download folder. This file is about 30 Mb so it might take a while to download fully if you are on a slow internet connection (it took me about 10 seconds over a cable modem).
  • Move this file to a more permanent location, so that you can install Python (and reinstall it easily later, if necessary)
  • Feel free to explore this webpage further; if you want to just continue the installation, you can terminate the tab browsing this webpage
  • Double-click the icon labelled file python-3.6.2.exe.

Log in to your account and click on My Courses. The validity is displayed on the course card. The courses are normally valid for a maximum period of 12 months.

Course validity is 12 months and these cannot be extended however we can consider this on a case by case basis in case of extenuating circumstances


  • Login to your account and select the course.
  • Select the Practice lab tab shown on the left hand side of the screen
  • Now click on the Launch lab to start accessing the labs

Refund Queries

  • Please check the refund terms and conditions for further details

  • A refund typically takes 7-10 working days to reflect in your bank account from the date of refund initiation