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Active Learning, not Passive Learning

Research shows that hands-on, interactive learning is 5-7 times more effective than simply reading or watching course material.  

That’s why Purple Beard’s curriculum includes:


Every company is navigating its own unique digital transformation and skills gap. Our implementation consultants work with you to design the best training program for your team and company.

Level Setting & Upskilling

Develop & reinforce common language and skillset

Offer ongoing training and upskilling aligned with your development plans

Onboarding New Hires

Provide hands-on applied learning critical for new hires

Reduce ramp-up time for new employees

Digital Academy

Align learning paths to roles

Integrate with your company’s broader training curriculum and learning portal


Training Your Team

Bridge your teams digital skills gap through tailored blended learning programmes from Purple Beard.We understand that every team is unique and so that’s why we will work with you to design the best training programme for your team or organisation.

Unlike other online or blended training providers, the Purple Bearded Learning Partner Programme delivers tailored outcome-centric teaching that supports staff development through subject matter expert authored content and monthly reports enabling progress tracking and line manager support.

Purple Beard Training Platform Utilising Simplilearn's LMS

Our Learning Management System, provided by Simplilearn, allows organisations to monitor and track individuals progress and celebrate milestones as they happen.

Allow us to help train and retain skilled and ambitious employees.



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