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About Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps are intensive skills development programs that create employable talent and develop technical skills rapidly in a short period of time. Skills Bootcamp is structured in a comprehensive way, lasting from 8 to 11 weeks, depending on the pathway.

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What are Skills Bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to maximum 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

Skills Bootcamps have been developed by the Government in partnership with employers, providers and local authorities, to help people develop the skills that are in demand in their local area and get a better job. They are a part of the Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs strategies.

There is a task to raise awareness and drive uptake of these exciting new courses at a national level, so the greatest number of people can benefit, and so the public, employers and stakeholders can see momentum building around this kind of innovative reskilling model

Skills Bootcamps at Purple Beard

Skills Bootcamps last between 7 to 11 weeks. Each week individuals attend intensive learning sessions to develop the skills.  Our sessions run 2-3 times a week and each session is between 2.30 to 3 hours plus there are days where there are labs to practice the hands-on exercises.

What is the cost of a Bootcamp?

Under the ‘Plan for Jobs’ scheme, residents of certain regions in the UK e.g. East Midlands can attend Skills Bootcamps with 70% of the costs funded by the Government.  The government published ‘Skills for Jobs’ which outlines the need to give employers a greater say in the development of skills in current employees and to be able to create a pipeline of talent for new positions or apprenticeships.

The contribution of the employer, for their employees to develop the skills in any of the pathways, would be £699 plus VAT per person. The contribution would cover the cost of Vendor exams (optional). 

Employers can also support the contribution via a mixture of cash and in kind contribution (30% in kind and the remaining cash) however in this case the contribution would not cover the vendor exam. In kind, contributions could  be supporting with Projects, providing employees time off to do the Bootcamp, providing mentoring and hands on support to develop during the Bootcamps. Alternatively Employers can also work with us to take on the talent we develop through the Bootcamps via a work placement, an Apprenticeship or a Job and make a small contribution to use the service.

Skills Bootcamps Eligibility for participants:

  1. You must be 19+ years of age. 
  2. You must either live and work in the East of England or live in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire region 
  3. Right to work in the UK
  4. Staff who are employed 
  5. Furloughed staff 
  6. Staff at risk of redundancy  


Cloud Computing Pathway: Our cloud computing pathway is based on the AWS framework 

Goal for Fundamentals of Cloud Computing: The Cloud Computing module will cover the main characteristics of Cloud Computing, including the enabling technologies, main software and service paradigms underpinning it, as well as related aspects such as security, operational risks, and economics.

Goal for AWS specific Segment: AWS course provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. This course helps you to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Bootcamp start date: 06/09/2021


DevOps Pathway 

The broad purpose of the occupation is to enable organisations to get valuable working software out in front of active users, both external and internal, frequently and safely, reducing time to market, delivering increased value - both with respect to the end user and the business - and improving the quality of digital services.  

At its simplest, DevOps is a philosophy and way of working that brings together two historically disparate parts of the IT organisation, namely those who develop the software and those who are then required to support it in the live environment.  The DevOps Engineer encapsulates both disciplines, requiring the individual to understand and appreciate how their code functions when being used in the real world and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, while taking a cloud-infrastructure focused perspective.

Bootcamp start date: 06/09/2021


Learn functional and object oriented programming with basic knowledge of tools in python and libraries like NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas for data analysis and data visualisation and appropriate statistics knowledge required for it.

Learn the basics of machine learning and tools for modelling.

Bootcamp start date: 06/09/2021


Digital Leader Skills Bootcamps

Purple Beard’s Digital Leader program has been designed in response to the challenges organisations are facing in the current world. Covid-19 changed the way we work, operate and live. 

This immersive and interactive programme, explores the five biggest game-changing technologies that are driving digital transformation across organisations and industries—from the cloud and the internet of things to cloud, mobile, virtual reality, and AI and Automation.

Bootcamp start date: 11/10/2021

Progression Pathways:

On completion of the Bootcamps the staff members can progress onto Apprenticeships or other Higher-level training to develop skills further. If Employees progress onto an Apprenticeship, then the Bootcamps can be used as a recognition of prior learning which would reduce the cost and duration of an apprenticeship. 

Example of RPL 

Someone who completes out Data Analyst Bootcamp can progress to a level 3 Data technician Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship normally is 24 months and the cost to a levy employer is £10500 ( excluding EPA costs ) however the Bootcamp can provide recognised credits of upto a maximum of 40% which will reduce the duration from 24 months to 14 months and the cost from £10500 to 6300 however the most important benefit to the employer could be that the individual would be able to undertake the role from 12 weeks onwards making large productivity gains for the employer. 


Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

70% funded - make only 30% contribution

7 to 11 weeks programmes

Live online classes and video recordings

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Or you’ll risk more than you think. Providing your employees with learning and development is no longer important; it is vital for your organisation’s survival. You’re probably aware of that already and you included staff training on your ‘to-do’ list, but right now you have other priorities to take care of. 

And you’re thinking, ‘We’ll do it in the future’, which means:


Are my employees adaptable?
Do they have necessary analytical skills?
Do they know the future technologies?

Are they action orientated?
Can they communicate effectively?
Are they results orientated?

Are they innovative?
Do they have a global perspective?
Are they confident?




your staff with the relevant skills they need for your business in areas such as: Digital Transformation, Data Analysis, Cloud Computing and DevOps.


Be involved in designing the bootcamps in the areas we work in so that we can ensure your staff can develop the relevant skills as we apply our employee training plan and present you with best staff training solutions.


70% of the Skills Bootcamp is funded by the UK Government which means you'll have to cover only 30% which is equal to as much as £10 per day per employee.


As a company that takes care of our employees, we wouldn’t like them to lose their time on boring training that will not bring the results and bring more dissatisfaction that engagement. 

And we know neither would you. That’s why we designed our bootcamps to be:

ENGAGING so your employees can get the real learning experience rather than feel like they’re watching an online video

FLEXIBLE so they can squeeze their training in their working hours and rewatch it in their free time if they couldn’t attend the session

RELEVANT with industry experts leading the sessions that will provide them with valuable information, because there’s nothing worse than a training that feels like loss of time

ADJUSTABLE to meet your team’s preferences, because it’s all about learning methods that’s work for them! 

AFFORDABLE with Government funding covering 70% of the payment

SUPPORTIVE to make sure no employee is ever left behind. During our previous Skills Bootcamp, we spent 10 additional hours on helping learners with learning difficulties, we’ve designed additional Student & Alumni Handbooks, and brought extra TAs to the sessions

Key features

It's no longer just about training

In the world where training teams is vital, training providers must do more than simply deliver curriculum. 

Here at Purple Beard Training we believe that:


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