How Can Skills Bootcamps Fast-track You To A Better Job?

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How Can Skills Bootcamps Fast-track You To A Better Job?

How Can Skills Bootcamps Fast-track You To A Better Job?

If you’re looking to switch careers or start your career in tech, our Skills Bootcamps in DevOps, Cloud Computing, Data Analysis and Front-End Development are a great way to fast-track you to your chosen field. But what exactly are Skills Bootcamps? Have a look at our blog to find out!

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 11 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up industry-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with an employer.  They have been developed as part of the Government’s Plan for Job in collaboration with employers, providers, and local governments.  They will assist people in developing the most in-demand skills related to their local region and obtaining a new or better job.



Who can join a Skills Bootcamp?

Purple Beard’s Skills Bootcamps are fully funded for residents of the East of England or East Midlands if they’re aged 19+, have the right to work in the UK and are employed, self-employed, furloughed or have been unemployed for no longer than 12 months. Individuals must be motivated to learn and actively engage during the live sessions delivered via virtual classroom; 90% attendance is required in order to stay on the course. We also provide tailored solutions for employers who want to refer their existing employees and attend only specific sessions at a shorter period of time.


Will you be able to switch into a new industry after doing a Skills Bootcamp?

Skills Bootcamps are created to provide you with the necessary sector-specific skills to enter a new field or to progress in your current role. Learners will receive constant support from our Employability Teams such as interview prep, CV check, referrals and references. Anyone who completes the Skills Bootcamp will be also put forward for a guaranteed job interview. 


What are the benefits of Skills Bootcamp?

New Role, New Career: Depending on your chosen pathway, Skills Bootcamps will equip you with the foundations of the tech skills needed to start your career in this field. You don’t need to have any work experience in tech: many of our Alumni have transitioned from different industries into tech roles as Software Developers, Software Testers, Data Analysts, and more. 

Up-To-Date Knowledge: Since the tech landscape is continuously evolving, it’s crucial that employees are provided with up-to-date knowledge, practical hands-on experience, and the newest technical skills. Our Skills Bootcamp will support you with gaining and developing the most in-demand skills and will explain how you can use them in your future career or your current job.

Cost-effective: Between 70% and 100%  of the Government funding is available for individuals living or working in the East of England and East Midlands. If you’re unemployed, furloughed, self-employed, or employed and not supported by the employer,  the Government will cover 100% of the training.

Job security: as the job market is getting more competitive and undergoing rapid changes, it is important to futureproof your skillset and be updated with the newest trends, frameworks and technologies. Experts from McKinsey predict now that even between 400 million and 800 million individuals could be displaced by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030


Why Purple Beard?

Purple Beard Skill Bootcamps are meant to create life-long learners and change them into work-ready employees from the week of course completion. This is because we believe that:

  • Learning means empowerment and confidence and because everyone is able to learn – everyone can be confident in what they’re doing
  • Learning doesn’t start on the first day of training and finish at the last one – that’s why we’re here to support our learners through the entire journey, including before and after our Bootcamps
  • Learning and training employees are not just about tech skills. 
  • Everyone learns differently and that this difference has to be implemented in teaching – we deliver training via multimodal learning offering our students flexible sessions
  • You have to learn from failure as much as from success. Failing can be hard to accept but gives better lessons.

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