Recent Learnings from Facebook #SheMeansBusiness Event

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Recent Learnings from Facebook #SheMeansBusiness Event

I recently attended the #SheMeansBusiness event in London organised by Facebook. I had a very interesting day meeting an inspirational group of women ranging from Photographers, Life Coaches, and Editors.

It was inspiring listening to Alison Rose (CEO, Commercial and Private Banking, RBS) and Nicola Mendelson (VP, Facebook EMEA) speak, and I enjoyed the tips shared on how to get the most out of Social Media Marketing strategies. These are my key takeaways from the event:

  1. You can download Whatsapp Messenger as a tool to communicate for your business
  2. Ensure you are using Facebook Pixel on your website. More information about how it can help here
  3. Plan your campaign thoroughly. As there is no one size fits all, ensure you have an extremely clear business objective that you hope to achieve via the campaign that you are running
  4. Get Creative with your Phone – use a range of apps including Adobe Photoshop Mix, Mojo, Quik, Boomerang, Unfold and Plotaverse
  5. You can do a range of free courses to learn about how you can use Facebook effectively for your business
  6. When planning your content for Facebook advertising, follow some best practice guidelines across these areas: 
  • Theme – Choose a theme that resonates with what you want to tell your audience about your business
    • Engage: Share your story
    • Educate: Explain what makes your product /service different 
    • Excite: Announce events or share promotions
  • Core Basics
    • Integrate your brand 
    • Single-minded message 
    • Inspire action (string CTA)
  • Add Motion:
    • Add Simple Animation
    • Animate text 
    • Lightweight Video Production
  • Core Basics (Around Video)
    • Capture Attention Early 
    • Length (>15 seconds)
    • Design for sound off + Delight with Sound on 
    • Frame 1:1 or Vertical 


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