Leadership in times of uncertainty

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Leadership in times of uncertainty

leadership in times of uncertainty. The image explains how leadership can be more imaginative and hands on
Leadership in times of uncertainty Image by anh-tuan -Unsplash

If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty Stephen Covey.

Perhaps if we looked at uncertainty as an opportunity to learn and grow we may feel calmer and become innovative. Over the past few weeks things have changed and we have to manage the change as it unfolds around us.

Tips in times of uncertainty:

1.Practice Kindness and Generosity – In the current landscape we are constantly faced with uncertainty , its in times like this that we need to practice kindness and generosity. Based on the ‘Human generosity projects’ in times of change being generous helps us better navigate through the challenges.

2. Look at this as an opportunity for growth – Perhaps we need to take a step back and create a work culture that is more flexible via remote working practices . Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to evaluate how we can support our teams with the resources and relevant training they require to work remotely. Think about the culture of our organisations and whether it will allow to offer the flexibility required.

3. Create communities – Spaces which offer support to remote workers as well as families who are are at risk of isolation.

4.Practice mindfulness – As humans we are great at either rumination or catastrophizing both of these mental states are harmful however instead if we just practised being mindful and being present

5. Self- care – At times of uncertainty its imperative that we take care of our physical mental and emotional hygiene. Its important we take some time out to breathe, write , go for a walk , listen to music or so something to look after ourselves.

6. Build resilience in our teams and organisations– At work, resilient people are better able to deal with the demands placed upon them, especially where those demands might require them to be dealing with constantly changing priorities and a heavy workload. (https://hbr.org/2016/06/627-building-resilience-ic-5-ways-to-build-your-personal-resilience-at-work)

It is an uncertain time, some things are beyond our control and other things are therefore all we can do is focus on things that we can control.

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