Software Development Bootcamp: 5 weeks into teaching presentation

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Software Development Bootcamp: 5 weeks into teaching presentation

“The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed — it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each individual , to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.” – Ken Robinson

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Last Tuesday marked exactly five weeks since the sessions began on our Skills Bootcamps for Software Testers, Data Analysts and Software Developers.  For those of you who are here for the first time, our Skills Bootcamps are 12 week, intensive courses designed to fill the digital skills gap and upskill individuals and employees.

Within five weeks of the virtual sessions, our students have presented us the outcomes of them learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript ES6, fetching RESTful API to build responsive websites and using Netlify for deployment –  we couldn’t be prouder when we saw it last Tuesday.

Although our coding Bootcamp curriculum was designed for beginners, our learners’ previous experience with coding varied. There were those with more advanced  skills who wanted to refresh their knowledge, self-learners who hadn’t followed any learning path before and those who were meeting with coding for the very first time. Our tutors adjusted the lesson pace and level to the entire group, promising our learners one thing from the very beginning: that in a few weeks they would  be able to code and create a website from scratch.

And as we’ve witnessed,  they did.

Finding the courage and passion

During last week’s  presentation, the group of our Software Development Trainees presented their projects  to our team at Purple Beard and also an employer , who attended the session to provide the class with his feedback and guidance.

We found it truly inspiring how the first-time coders built their confidence over time to present their work to the entire group, especially those who admitted to struggling at the beginning and even indicated they were thinking about giving up. Nevertheless, as we witnessed , they persevered in their willingness to learn and master something completely new. We strongly believe that developing  resilience and maintaining their determination despite struggles was a great achievement in addition to their fantastic websites. We even had one student student saying, ‘I’ve completely fallen in love with CSS’ – which is exactly what our Software Development tutor Sushree  aimed to achieve with her teaching.

Support and teamwork

Anyone who takes up  a new task can probably relate to the overwhelming feeling in the beginning when everything makes little sense . With so many programming languages introduced, it can definitely be challenging to understand how to use them, why they are useful  and what to do when errors appear. Despite our teaching team  always being  here to help, offering 1:1 mentoring sessions and individual support, the struggles on the learning journey are inevitable. We believe it’s important to remember that struggling is a part of learning as much as failing and succeeding, if you do not fail then you cannot learn.

Our favourite part of the presentation was definitely the support other learners provided each other. We had witnessed the level of team work among the trainees  whereby they were helping each other with their challenges, whether it was about them not understanding something, having technical issues or trying to catch up with a missed session. However, experiencing it during a live presentation was even more heartwarming as with every new person presenting, more and more people were giving their feedback and suggestions on improvements in a supportive and compassionate way. Creating a  supportive community is  one of our key goals across all of our learning programs and having achieved this has been really motivating for the team. 

The art of co-creation 

Creating something from the scratch was yet another achievement we celebrated during this presentation. We’ve had students who were hesitant about presenting their website because, as they stated, ‘they weren’t perfect or finished’. But this was never the aim of our session. The aim was to put something into existence and create something from nothing. To write code and see how it transforms into a website, even though five weeks ago all those programming languages seemed like something entirely new. 

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Being halfway through our Software Development Skills Bootcamp, we can only celebrate  the fantastic progress our learners have made so far. Starting with a little to zero knowledge, through struggles, technical issues and sometimes even lack of confidence, we’ve witnessed them improving not only their technical skills, but also developing  resilience, creativity, communication, teamwork  and most of all – passion. Thank you all, you’re doing great!

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