5 DevOps Skills That A DevOps Engineer Should Master

Are you a software engineer or tech professional who is looking to take your skills to the next level? ? Well, then you should definitely try DevOps! The demand for DevOps has increased in recent years, and many businesses, including both top organisations and in the configuration management domain SMEs, are now establishing the groundwork … Read more

How to Become a Digital Worker in 2022

How to Become a Digital Worker in 2022 Pandemic changed the world as we knew it, forcing businesses and individuals to undertake sudden shifts in their daily lives. As many employees had to transition into remote ways of working for the very first time, the issue around the digital skills gap surfaced once again, throwing … Read more

Apprenticeship Guide: End-point Assessment

As the economy slowly returns to normal after disruption from COVID-19, now it’s the perfect time to hire or upskill current employees using an Apprenticeship program. The Government has recently extended Apprenticeship incentives which means your organisation can get up to £3000 for hiring a new apprentice until January 2022. Find out more about recruiting … Read more

What Do Employers Need To Know About Apprenticeships?

The UK Apprenticeship programme has undergone many changes over the last decade, with a steady increase in the interest of employers and apprentices. It could be the result of reforms to make it easier for employers, government incentives to make it profitable, or inspiring stories of successful apprenticeships. Employers are looking at apprenticeship programmes for … Read more

How Will Apprenticeships Change Post Covid?

Apprenticeship post covid

“You are on mute!” That’s the most common thing that we all have been hearing for almost two years now. It has often caught us off-guard during any work meetings that moved online due to the pandemic situation. When it comes to apprenticeship programs, the story is no different. Apprenticeship training and evaluations are often … Read more

Fighting Ageism: Talking with Steve Lawrence about the value of older workers

Hello there. I’m Steve Lawrence. I’m the managing director of EEVT Limited. I’m also the co-founder of the Federation of business, education consultants, and also involved with the BAME apprenticeship awards. And I sit on eight governance committees, so quite busy with lots of different things going on. I’ve been in the industry now for … Read more

Fighting Ageism: Talking with Stephen Ram Kissun about respecting older workers

https://youtu.be/ZU06nZUX3A4 My name is Stephen Ram Kissun. I’m a TVET international professional consultant with more than 20 years experience working in different situations, both in senior management roles, working for large organisations, corporates, independent providers for trade body, very much in the skills arena, looking at social mobility, widening participation, engagement, and equality and diversity.  … Read more

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