Tools for Further education teachers

The pace of change over these past few days has been undeniably quick and scary. As the dust begins to settle we are beginning to adjust to working from home and maintaining the strict social distancing measures. As an active practitioner of further education, self confessed geek and online content creator I have compiled a … Read more

Digital skills offer #Letschangethis

The tech industry’s shameful secret -only in 1 in 5 of the digital tech workforce is female Despite digital businesses demonstrating much faster growth than non-digital business, there is a staggering lack of diversity in the digital workforce. Data: According to the Tech Nation 2018 report, only 19% of of the digital tech workforce is … Read more

Recent Learnings from Facebook #SheMeansBusiness Event

I recently attended the #SheMeansBusiness event in London organised by Facebook. I had a very interesting day meeting an inspirational group of women ranging from Photographers, Life Coaches, and Editors. It was inspiring listening to Alison Rose (CEO, Commercial and Private Banking, RBS) and Nicola Mendelson (VP, Facebook EMEA) speak, and I enjoyed the tips … Read more

Why adult education is like fishing

One of my favourite proverbs is, ‘You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.’ This is how I have always viewed the role of education in the world.  Before moving to the … Read more

Women in Tech – Mini Series

Women in Tech – Mini-Series A series of inspirational posts celebrating women working in the tech space A conversation with Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder and CEO, Apiro Data Nassia Skoulikariti is on a quest to humanise technology while helping companies expedite their digital transformation by adopting strategies using IOT, Blockchain and AI. As one of the … Read more

The Purple Beard Story

What is Purple Beard? Simply put, Purple Beard is a tech training company.   What was the inspiration behind Purple Beard? In 2018, events beyond my control transpired and changed my life completely. They shook my inner core and turned my life upside down.  After these events, I sold my company, Skill Serve and decided … Read more

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